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David Halberstam comments on recent action stymieing cold callers, (e.g., JPMorgan and Coca-Cola shutting down voicemail). Yet, he points out that it is often impossible to stifle the determined seller who finds alternative ways to get through to prospects.


Dr. Bernie Mullin graces the title with a stirring narrative that captures the importance of developing new business. Dr. Mullin is one of the few sports executives who have achieved glittering success on both sides of the business: as an academician, serving as a pioneering professor at the University of Massachusetts, and as a practitioner, holding lofty positions at NBA headquarters and later as president of the Atlanta Hawks.


The stage is set by recognizing the contribution of sellers to the growth of the American economy and the critical role that cold callers play every day. Yes, there’s some fun cold calling and there’s certainly an unequaled sense of satisfaction when nailing down a new piece of business. But be prepared for the painstaking daily grind that the effort requires. Cold calling comes in a variety of forms, from hard core selling to Dodgers’ announcer Vin Scully knocking on doors in his neighborhood to collect charity.

Chapter 1: Requirements Needed to Succeed

What it takes to excel in sports sponsorship sales. Before you embark, ask yourself if you have the stomach and desire, the nose of where to go to chase business and are you committed to the critical organizational requirements needed to succeed.

Chapter 2: Getting a Job

How to go about landing a sales position and being relevant in the job market. What to prepare for, where to seek a job, how to differentiate yourself from others and what not to do when pursuing a job. Successful and unique stories of job seekers.

Chapter 3: Organization

Committing to good organizational practices is essential because account activity is fluid. This critical chapter provides detailed instruction on how to remain vigilant in organized fashion. There’s instruction on how to log phone calls and how in measured intervals to maintain ongoing communication with prospects. The benefits of CRMs (customer relationship management), now being used by so many sales organizations, are also addressed.

Chapter 4: Identifying Prospects

Where and how to find prospects. How to train your mind, eye and ear to glean leads. Develop a feel, learn to match the core competencies of the product you’re selling with the prospect’s needs. The importance of reading, from the local business pages to Barron’s. How to think creatively and practically.

Chapter 5: Preparation

Never pick up the phone or send an email before you’re prepared. What to do before contacting prospects. How to use social media, build your credentials and establish your expertise before you reach out. Examples of preparation for presentations to national accounts like FedEx, Microsoft, Discover Card and others.

Chapter 6: The Conversation

What to say, how to say it and the importance of being mindful of the goal of your conversation. Techniques to practice, the art of listening, breaking barriers of unwillingness and dealing with silence on the other end of the conversation.

Chapter 7: The In-Face Presentation

Psychological preparation, what to include, what to bring with you, how to dress, what to do if the prospect isn’t there when you show up and how to command a presentation. How to deal with an unmotivated room and how to galvanize a group of functionaries.

Chapter 8: Objections and Rejection

Dealing with the emotional roller coaster by gathering your strength every day. How not to let setbacks temper your enthusiasm. Keep smiling. Don’t despair. A sampling of the many who’ve overcome rejection from Oprah Winfrey and Frank Gehry to Michael Jordan and Christopher Columbus, from Dr. Seuss to Gil Hodges and from FedEx to ESPN.

Chapter 9: Learning from Leaders

From the Pope to Yogi Berra, from President Clinton to Commissioner David Stern, from Benny Goodman to Warren Buffet and from Phil Jackson to Peyton Manning, glean and learn. It will make you a better seller.

Chapter 10: Tricks and Tips

A potpourri of broad and situational advice, from building trust to getting through gatekeepers; from not betraying confidences to developing internal camaraderie. Anticipate. The devil is in the detail.

Chapter 11: Anecdotal Experiences

Interesting experiences in the sales trenches, breaking barriers and being disarming, walking in cold on a chief marketing officer and fostering a multi-million dollar sale. How a unique seller commanded a room in the most charming of ways.

Chapter 12: Great Cold Calling Sports Sponsorship Success Stories

Inspirational cold-calling stories of sellers who converted soft variables into millions in cash, including famous naming rights deals like Nextel/NASCAR, Moda for Rose Garden in Portland and Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Additionally, there are heartwarming stories covering new business successes involving Wise Potato Chips, Aaron Rentals, Reynolds Wrap, Whole Foods and many other sponsors.


Tips for sellers from sponsors and advertisers on best ways to solicit their business. A wide range of companies are represented including Wal-Mart, Home Depot, John Hancock, State Farm, Honda, MasterCard, Amtrak, Toyota and IBM.