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New Corporate Business: Background and Vision

In 2008, after 10 years at Westwood One, where I served as EVP/GM – Sports, I opened my own consultancy, Halby Group. At Westwood, I had responsibility for some $75 million in annual advertising and sponsorship revenue. We hit our numbers for one reason, we consistently generated new business!

Because cold call selling isn’t assembly line work, I have accepted only a limited number of clients. New business success requires strategic identification of prospects, fully immersed engagement, pleasant persistence in measured intervals and the most difficult attribute; patience, a seller’s nightmare.

Speed merchants would suffer terrible frustration cold calling. Only the vigilant sellers excel!

Growing a roster of new advertisers takes time, passion and an unflinching belief in a product. Success is not an overnight sensation. The gestation is punishing, yet it’s ultimately rewarding.

Life begins with a cold call!

David J. Halberstam

Principal, Halby Group


Through the years, Halby has done independent sales and training work for major media entities, marketers, syndicators, sports rights-holders and marketing agencies. Clients have included MLB Network, Professional Bowlers Association Network, Ryan Partnership, ESPN Radio, DirecTV, Subway, Madison Square Garden Network and college athletic programs.